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The MLUPC Ministry Team

Greetings from Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church

Thanks for making the effort to check in on us. We're a very exciting, dynamic Presbyterian church, committed to the great dynamics of God's Powerful Word and Present Spirit. That's means we're not a 'business as usual' sort of place, but given to a Mission committed to maturity disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, Making believers, Maturing disciples, Mentoring servant-leaders and Mobilizing apostolic missioners here and around the world. Our worship service has time for the hugs of hope and the joys of God's love among us, with a dynamism you can feel. We've been doing this since 1804, as our Yorkshire-cathedral modeled Twin Towers reflect God's glory across the South Hills of Pittsburgh as they are lighted every evening of the year. We're ORDINARY PEOPLE relishing an EXTRAORDINARY GOD. Do come on over and join us!

Pastor John
(The Rev. Dr. John Paul Powell)

Pastor John Paul Powell Dr. John Paul Powell, Senior Pastor
John Paul Powell is Senior Pastor of the Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church, serving as its 11th pastor in 196 years.  Pastor John can be reached by E-Mail at jppowell@mlupc.org 

For more information about Pastor John, his background, and family click here.

Pastor Bob Maravalli Robert J. Maravalli, Associate Pastor Congregational Life and Pastoral Care
Bob can be reached by E-Mail at maravalli@aol.com
Philip Aley Philip Aley, Director of Music Ministries.
James Platt, Director of Adult Discipleship
Steven Aguzzi, Director of Youth Ministries
Steve can be reached by E-Mail at saguzzi@mlupc.org
Kelli Maravalli, Director of Children's Ministries
Marilyn Beckstrom, Evangelism
Sarah Long, Pastoral Care
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